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Exceed Sign is the leading sign manufacturer located in Shenzhen, China. With more than 10 years sign export experience, Exceed Sign provides professional OEM&ODM solutions for our clients all over the world.

Focusing on Fabricated Letter/Cabinet/ADA Sign & Architecture sign. ”We make your sign exceed imagination”

We believe that sign is not only a cold metal product, but also it is a symbol of success business with the most beautiful wishes from the designer & end customers. So we keep devoting ourselves to improve every production process to make the best thing to WOW our clients.

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Who has a good reputation for sign production? – Exceed Sign

When it comes to signage, it should be an advertising model that can be seen everywhere at present. Large to large hospitals, high-rise buildings, park scenic spots, small to convenience stores, alleyways, lawns, and other places, everywhere are our signs. It can be seen...

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Interpret the role of signs – Exceed Sign

Signs in people's lives, most of them appear in streets, buses, roads, and other public places, mainly play a warning or reminder role, signs are inseparable from People's Daily lives, and sign production is also very important. Traffic signs on both sides of the road ca...

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What should sign planning and design should pay attention to? – Exceed Sign

Sign planning and design should follow the systematic and ecological, whether it is a rectangular design carrier or a circular design carrier, it should ensure the sense of order in the space. Too many signs will cause opposition from tourists, while too few signs will c...

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What are the advantages of sign planning and design companies? – Exceed Sign

Nowadays, people can see the sign planning and design plate in various public places such as large shopping malls, subways, hospitals, etc., to better guide people or remind people to pay attention to safety and other related matters. With reliable sign planning and desi...

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What characteristics of the production of signs are concerned? – Exceed Sign

Signage production in today's market has become a commonplace service item because the need to install this item is not fixed, so the demand for signs and signage also has a focus before the production to be clear in place. Reputable signage production has emerged so far...

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What are the advantages of signage production? – Exceed Sign

Signage is the main work of promotion and communication of commodity dealers in modern commercial society, and the use of production of a variety of signs can effectively help businesses achieve better visibility and achieve the expected goal of expanding the number of c...

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