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What should sign planning and design should pay attention to? – Exceed Sign

Sign planning and design should follow the systematic and ecological, whether it is a rectangular design carrier or a circular design carrier, it should ensure the sense of order in the space. Too many signs will cause opposition from tourists, while too few signs will cause greater problems. Therefore, the number of signs should also be determined after systematic evaluation. At the same time, the sign planning and design should also be unified with the environment to ensure the fluency of visual effects.

1. Materials

Different environmental requirements for signs The selection of different sign materials should be determined by the environment and the processing performance, weather resistance, and damage resistance of the materials. Modern theme parks or facilities, buildings next to the sign planning, and design materials should choose artificial materials; for Antique gardens, it is appropriate to choose natural materials.


2. Installation

Reliable sign installation way is divided into embedded, cantilever, suspension, and pedestal. The five types of floor type, no matter what kind of setting, should be firm, reliable, safe, easy to use and manage. The location and height of the sign should be seen by tourists, and attention should be paid to stability and balance, generally installed at a certain height from the ground; For indoor wall display, the distance between the following ends and the ground shall prevail. The upper end is above the apparent level line is appropriate, to improve the information transmission of the sign at night, you can choose three kinds of lighting, light box, neon light, sign planning and design do not ignore the concealment of the line, pay attention to avoid glare.

Coherence must be emphasized in the sign planning and design, which includes the coherence of the language and style of the sign slogan. If part of the style is not unified, it will make the park audience feel jumping, which will greatly increase the negative rating rate. At the same time, the sign planning and design must be deepened as far as possible according to the audience's psychology. The content of the design should be easy to understand and should resonate with visitors.

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Post time: Dec-04-2023