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The importance of temporary installers in sign industry-Exceed Sign


With the rapid development of economy, promoted by the advertising sign industry, a large number of installers have been trained. Some are sign-shop installers, some are spray painting company installers, some are sign companies construction workers.

Working in the advertising sign industry for nearly 10 years, we know that advertising installation is the last step, but also a very important one. It determines what the customer will see in the end. This test the technical level and experience of a advertising installer.

The advertising sign industry is different from other industries in that it can neither be mass-produced very often nor keep a certain amount of inventory. Lots of AD installers have to choose temporary jobs. So small sign companies face more problems. If the design is good, the product is also very beautiful, the technology of installation worker is not good enough, then the final result is unsatisfactory. If the installer has less than five years of experience, he/she may not be a professional.

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So if you hire a temporary installer, please make sure he or she has at least five years of experience. We must pay attention to technology and ensure the quality of installation. The reasons are as follows: 1. Especially the outdoor high-altitude installers, they need to have the welder certificate, high-altitude operation certificate, electrician certificate,etc. There are certain difficulties in the high-altitude operation. 2 Advertising installation temporary workers must good at communication, he has to speaks to the owner, designer and logo or advertising company. Therefore, he or she need to have great communication and understanding skills. 3. If you think advertising installation is a rough job, then you’re wrong. It is easy to damage the surface of the sign in the process of moving and installation. Installers must be careful when they are working, and treat signs with care and gentleness.

To sum up, an excellent advertising installer, especially temporary installers in the final step of advertising signs production is particularly important, if you have encountered advertising installation temporary workers, please give affirmation and support.

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Post time: May-09-2023