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5 categories of signs-Exceed Sign

Sign is a general name for all kinds of visual display products, also known as advertising signs, outdoor signs, etc. Different signs are used in different scenes, with different materials, sizes and colors. Let me share with you 5 categories of common signs.

1. Luminous sign; In the form of LED luminous three-dimensional letters, combined with the bottom plate of the sign is called luminous sign. Luminous signs are usually used for door, exterior wall, roof, there are also hanging, hanging, wall type luminous signs used indoors.

2. Spray sign; Bottom frame with steel structure frame or stainless steel as the main frame, surface pull printing cloth or paste printing advertising in the form of a sign is called printing sign, printing sign is widely used in external wall advertising, building advertising, roof advertising with indoor cultural propaganda and other scenes.

Sign is a general name for all kinds of visual display products (1)
Sign is a general name for all kinds of visual display products (2)

3. Light box; Most of the steel structure as the frame, the built-in lamp tube or LED lamp as the light source, the surface pull light box spray painting sign, known as the light box. Commonly seen in parking lots, commercial complexes, common areas in the form of one or two side of the display of signs.

4. Indoor sign; Indoor signs are common company brand, image wall advertising, cultural wall advertising, neon lights, 3D hanging signs and other signs. Indoor sign forms are very many, different occasions use different materials; If the door is made of stainless steel or aluminum alloy; Online celebrity shops use neon signs for advertising; Company showroom useful light box or stainless steel letter and so on.

5. Outdoor signs; Outdoor signs like pylon, large publicity, indicating advertising signs we call outdoor signs. The subdivision of outdoor sign is also very much, it is just different from the environment of indoor sign placement. Outdoor sign required material must be waterproof material; If it is an outdoor sign that needs to glow at night, the LED lights it uses need to use IP68 waterproof grade, otherwise in the case of prolonged use, frequent maintenance leads to high after-sales cost. In this remind the owner, do not choose cheap materials, otherwise the late use of frequent maintenance is a small matter, so the safety problems will not be worth the loss.

The above classification of signs to share here; How many kinds of signs are there? There are many more. If you have a better idea of what kinds of signs there are, please leave me a message so that I can correct them.

Post time: Feb-16-2023