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What aspects should we pay attention to in maintaining acrylic signage? – Exceed Sign

Human wisdom has infinite possibilities. In the face of the development and production of a variety of fresh materials always have a variety of whimsy, coupled with the positive influence of external factors, a variety of materials made of products that many customers love. Acrylic material is also a material that has appeared in recent years. Products made of acrylic material are gradually recognized by more and more enterprises and put into the market. Everyone familiar with the acrylic sign has the advantages of durability and light transmission, praised by many users, so, in the maintenance of this type of sign, we should pay attention to what aspects?

1. Pay attention to the correct cleaning method

Good quality acrylic signs are usually set in public places with more people, the environmental situation is more complex, and after a long time of use, the sign will inevitably be contaminated with a lot of dust and other impurities, and we want to clean it needs to master the correct cleaning method to avoid damage to the acrylic material. If the sign is only stained with a small part of the dust, then the user can use a feather duster to gently wipe the dust attached to it, or use a dry towel to wipe, If other impurities are attached to the above, it should be based on the actual situation to choose the appropriate cleaning agent to wipe.


2. Pay attention to routine maintenance

Highly rated acrylic signs in the use of a period, it will inevitably encounter sharp items and crack, we can use bonding glue, adhesives, adhesives or fast-drying agent to its crack adhesion, to restore their beautiful appearance.

Acrylic products have been gradually applied on many occasions, With the support of mature technology, many customers are impressed by acrylic products, and even choose their material products as home decorations. Many public places will also use guaranteed acrylic signs, On the one hand, is to increase the beauty of the scenic spot, and on the other hand can also play a guiding role.

Acrylic signs can provide a lot of information to help us judge, a sign on the highway can help us pay attention to safety, and in the building, a safety exit sign can let us escape in time.

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Post time: Sep-14-2023