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The design and production of your illuminated logo signs – Exceed Sign

LOGO sign is the iconic product of the image of the enterprise, the main role is to distinguish it from other brands, and consumers can understand the unique cultural heritage of the enterprise from the logo. Therefore, in the process of design, the designer should understand the cultural background, development experience, and corresponding product content of the enterprise itself, to combine art and culture and bring consumers a visual feast and spiritual satisfaction.

Positioning is the basis of design, creativity is the core of design, structure is the form of design, and color is the ornament of design. The whole LOGO sign from concept to practice is the result of continuous research and modification. Therefore, enterprises in the LOGO sign design should choose a strong partner, whether it is from the artistic ability or design ability has a unique insight, that can help enterprises establish brand image and effectively promote. To achieve the performance value of LOGO signs and the meaning of information transmission.


The content of the applied word and the font can be more intuitive, in general, do not choose some difficult to recognize the font. Can intuitively show the meaning and content of the sign to the public, which is the value and significance of the existence of advertising signs.

The maintenance of advertising signs is also not to be underestimated, so it is recommended that the design of the sign shape or the overall performance of convenient maintenance. To avoid the problem of difficult maintenance in the later period, the sign can not be maintained and affects its service life. Doing the relevant maintenance is the key to ensuring its use for a longer time.

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Post time: Aug-03-2023