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Signage production process and related content – Exceed Sign

Signs have a guiding role, smoking signs in public places, driving signs on the road, and signs on the ground guide people to confirm the direction and position in a short time and judge their current state and subsequent decisions. Company-specific signage has a perfect role in promoting the enterprise's brand and culture.

Sign production needs to entrust the relevant manufacturers, according to the location of the sign application, industry, and applicable objects for design and production. The production process of the sign is more than just a simple material grinding, what to write on the sign, what color can let everyone notice and will not conflict with the surrounding environment, these issues are not short-term and can be determined. The purpose of the demand side is to let the public know the specific content they want to express when they see the sign. According to the normal process, before the standard part is put into production, the demander first confirms the possibility of cooperation with the producer and submits the design scheme, materials, and size of the sign to the producer to make adjustments in the production process.


The signage production process is time-consuming, and cost is a relatively high stage in the design process, the logo needs to fit the nature of the industry and the application of the situation, for example, the roadside road guide plate needs to be consistent template, so that the driver can see the sign at the first eye can read its meaning, and the enterprise display signs need to be replaced by the characteristics of the enterprise. Add corporate personas or special slogans to allow users to associate them with the company and distinguish them from other companies.

According to the different roles of the logo, the process of the production of signs and signs, processing time is also different, after the completion of the sign production, the location is generally outdoors, and the possibility of damage is much higher than in similar products, if the quality is not good, it may fall and hit pedestrians, the use of time and safety risk factors need to be considered before production and in the process to avoid cost loss.

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Post time: Oct-26-2023