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How to design a unique sign-Exceed Sign

How to design a unique sign, how to choose color, how to choose material, how to produce? What kind of production process sign is durable? Is there any sign in the outdoor anti-UV ability strong but also reflective at night? Is all the signs look good in luminous effect?

Sign is a kind of information transmission medium, with the prompt direction, warning, advertising function; In order to achieve a certain visual effect, it is convenient for the audience to deepen their memory, indicate reminders, and facilitate the transmission of the vector from one place to another.

The sign has various forms, strong visual impact, direct and simple, easy maintenance, strong weather resistance and other characteristics, widely favored by people. And closely related to people's production and life, is one of the indispensable elements of people's life.

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The sign is represented by the indicator. Our common daily life includes: restroom sign, door sign, room number plate, road sign, guide card, guide card, warning sign, notice board and so on. Signage usually uses polished stainless steel with mirror effect or wire drawing stainless steel plate, titanium plate, glass, acrylic plate (plexiglass), copper plate, aluminum plate, cold lot board (zinc board) iron sheet, marble, aluminum plastic board, PVC board, PC board, day-night board, wood, high-density board, fireproof board,led lights, neon lights, light guide plate and so on.

There are many kinds of processing technology, we commonly have welding, grooving, bending, punching, cutting, grinding, polishing, drawing, electroplating, spraying, oxidation, corrosion, engraving, sandblasting, painting, screen printing, UV, adhesion, assembly and other production processing technology. Most of the signage is not a single process, but a combination of a variety of products. Generally, it is processed by a variety of production processes according to the drawings designed by designers. Signage is a combination of numerical control technology with manual art, coupled with modern design concept integrated into one of the environmental art.

Post time: Apr-11-2023