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2023 Central Asia Reklam-Exceed Sign

2023 Kazakhstan Advertising & Packaging Printing Exhibition (Reklam Asia)
Exhibition time: May 31, 2023 ~ June 02, 2023
Venue: Kazakhstan- 42 Timiryazev str., Almaty, 050057 Almaty, Kazakhstan- Almaty International Convention and Exhibition Center
Organizers: Central Asia Trade Exhibitions

Central Asia Reklam is the only annual international exhibition of advertising, printing, signage, technology, materials and souvenirs in Central Asia, with 500 exhibitors and participating brands. No other exhibition will give you direct access to the manufacturers, distributors and professionals in this sector of Reklam Central Asia, which allows exhibitors to learn about goods and services and attract customers in the domestic market.

Central Asia Reklam will bring together manufacturers and distributors from around the world to showcase their products and technological innovations in the advertising industry. The objective is to create the best conditions for presentation, establish new business links, sign import and export agreements, conduct market analysis and competitiveness, and operate in the Central Asian market.


In recent years, the Kazakh advertising market has grown at a phenomenal rate, reaching an annual growth rate of 30-35 per cent in the last five years. In addition, the development of Kazakhstan's advertising market is also closely related to the printing industry. At present, Kazakhstan does not have the ability and conditions to compete with the powerful paper industry. Most of the printing consumables (such as offset paper, coated paper, label paper and other high-grade paper) rely on imports from abroad, which greatly increases the printing cost of the country's advertising market.

As an advertising exhibition showcasing new ideas, methods, materials and technologies. Central Asia Reklam The exhibition aims to enable exhibitors to find new ways to sell their advertising products and services. Through this exhibition, exhibitors and professionals will exchange experience on the production and application of advertising products, learn about advanced technologies, discuss the development trend of advertising industry and relevant measures and strategies, and make an accurate assessment of the development prospects at home and abroad.

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Post time: May-15-2023