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Metal signs, aluminum apartment ID-Braille Signs

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Apartment ID signs are always made by numbers and braille pads, the material can be plastic and metal such as acrylic aluminum and stainless steel and bronze. The difference is that acrylic is much lighter than metal, it’s fragile and can just be painted finish. But metal sign can be brushed or polished or anodized or electroplated finish, there are lots of options and the sign will look elegant after it get cut and brushed or polished finish.

The braille pad will always be assembled under the numbers, they have different style but normally it will keep the same with the numbers. Many sign factory can just make braille on soft material such as acrylic and aluminum and bronze, but we can also do it on stainless steel and our advantage is making metal signs. It’s very cost effective to be made here and ship to your countries.

  • Braille Signs: ADA SIGN
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    Type Aluminum Braille Sign
    Application Hotel Sign
    Base Material aluminum
    Finish Brushed and satin clear coated
    Mounting Studs with paper template
    Packing Wooden Crates
    Production Time 1 weeks
    Shipping DHL/UPS express
    Warranty 3 years

    These are customized apartment id signs which were cut by laser machine to keep sharp edges, thickness is always 1/8" thick or 1/4", it can also be cut by CNC routing machine, the surface was brushed and satin clear coated, they will be studs mounted or VHB mounted on wall and they are widely used for hotel and high buildings. Aluminum is a cost-effective method for this type of signs, because it can be anodized to different colors and they can also be painted finish, it depends on our client's drawing. And we also have lots of clients made them with stainless steel and bronze, it makes the sign looks much more elegant. 

    Exceed sign is the OEM sign company with the full production ability to make these aluminum and bronze plates. Focusing on high quality products, exceed sign makes your sign exceed imagination.


    ADA sign is just a small part of our sign products because sign products are all customized, you just need to inquiry with your drawing or requirements. Our professional sales will communicate with you and quote your project in 24 hours, after the details confirmed our production just need about one week. The signs will be well packed by PE and wooden boxes and they will be shipped out by DHL/UPS express which is very convenient, just need about 3-5 days, so pls don't hesitate to contact us, you will get more profits by purchasing from our factory.


    Exceed Sign Makes Your Sign Exceed Imagination.

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